Local Telephone Service

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Guaranteed savings of 10%-30% off your current phone bill.
Guaranteed rates are not just introductory!
60-day no-risk guarantee, if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will reconnect you back to your old telephone company.
Connection is FREE, No Fee, No Minimums, No Restrictions, you have one low rate 24 hours a day!

The Business Bundle Flat Rate Plan
* service area: NY, NJ, and PA only

$29 95
(per line)

Unlimited local calling of 2,000 minutes for each of your flat rate lines and only 2 cents per minute thereafter. Regional and Long Distance calls are included at 6.9 cents min. International rates at 20%-30% savings. One bill covers all!
$39 95
(per line)

Offers all the benefits of the $29.95 plan. In addition, it provides your business with unlimited features including, but not limited to, Call Waiting, Call ID, Voice Mail, 3 Ways Calling - Everything you currently have or add, with no additional charge!

Both Business Bundle Flat Rate Plans provide:
2,000 minutes Local Calling, No monthly fees, No minimums, Guaranteed savings.
Free Calling Card for added convenience and savings.
Trained staff to answer your questions and consult on your business phone needs.
Add these savings to these already low rates and you save money seamlessly!

The completely electronic change over is "seamless." Everything remains the same, your telephone number, Yellow Page ads, and features remain as-is. The only difference is the savings each month!

Call Bob Hanan @ 732-229-3609
Email: sales@unlimitedresults.com
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