"Unlimited Results offers you the personalized secretarial
services you need, as well as the professional results and quality that you deserve."

Our secretaries are ready to assist you in any task, large or small. So many people have work that needs to be done, but it’s not enough to hire a full-time employee. That’s what makes our service so unique. Hiring a full-time secretary requires a constant salary, benefits, a place to work, and continuous assignments. On the other hand, with a virtual secretary, the work is done at the secretary’s office and can be personalized in any way you specify. After the job is complete, you have no more responsibility to the individual and you can call upon them again at any time when another job comes up.

Perhaps there’s a box of papers that needs filing or a list of customers who need to be called. Maybe an online catalog needs fixing up or some letterheads need to be created. Why pay top dollar for custom business cards or fliers? The possibilities are endless. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone whom you could call upon at any time to take care of those loose ends?

Our secretaries have worked for a wide variety of different people and companies. They have experience with doctors, lawyers, contractors, computer software dealers, schools, politicians, business owners, and engineers, just to name a few.

Our secretaries are specialized in the use of all of the following programs:
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Works
• Microsoft Home Publishing

Our secretaries have extensive experience in the following areas:
• Data Processing
Online Catalog Updating
• Fax
• Phones
• Creating custom letterheads, business cards, posters, fliers, invitations
And so much more!

*All work is thoroughly scanned for spelling and grammatical errors.
*All files, disks, and emails are checked for viruses using Norton Antivirus 2002
and scanned through a firewall. This will eliminate any risk to you, your company
and your valuable information.

Please call for price quotes by the job and/or hourly rates.
fax: 732-229-5293

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cards or fliers? The

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