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Everybody's using promotional advertising items, imprinted logo apparel, commercial printing, and office supplies. So if you are currently selling printed items,or would like to earn a great amount of income from the multi billion dollar print and promotional advertising business, perhaps becoming an UnlimitedResults Independent Business owner (IBO) is right for you. For some 35 years,Bob Hanan, President of Unlimited Results Inc. Has been in all aspects of the mercantile industry. Unlimited Results Inc. operating in linkage with over 6,000 manufacturers has been serving independent business owners. Active Unlimited Results IBO's receive an on- going supply of business building salesaids: catalogs for reference and hand out to your customers, order forms, samples and awards. If you're already familiar with graphics, it's a natural addition to your business. If not, we will guide and advise you on exactly what you need to know. Now you too can enjoy the rewards from a printing and promotional advertising business. A few good reasons to become an Unlimited Results Independent Owner are:

1) Unlimited Results offers the highest compensation program in the largest business network of its kind.

2) Unlimited Results offers more products to sell than any business of its kind. This equates to more opportunity income.

3) Unlimited Results provides more ongoing sales materials used to build a strong and profitable business.

4) Unlimited Results is and will be adding new goods and services in an ongoing attempt to increase the compensation of its members.

5) Unlimited Results' variety of goods and services make their IBO's much more important to their customers, than their competitors.

6) Unlimited Results' wide range of goods and services creates a built in market for new additions to the line. Example, a customer calls to buy imprinted T-shirts and the IBO tells them about the other goods and services they carry. ... Bingo! ... The customer ends up buying another unrelated item like a staple gun or using another service like our advertising agency services. Multiple sales are your secret weapon to more revenue and therefore more compensation!

The reasons why you should join our group goes on and on. However you have to take the first step. See for yourself how your dreams can come true, regardless of whom you are.

Business forms, envelopes, & cards, letterhead, desk pads, desk cubes, rubber stamps, magnetic signs, note cubes, yard signs, document pouches, custom doormats, presentation folders, notebooks, all kinds of signs and banners, boxes and displays, door hangers, matchbooks, flags, balloons, bags, balls, plastic or ceramic mugs, glassware, foam can holders, calendars, candies, buttons, badges, blankets, robes, towel, linens, yard sticks, rulers, shirts, uniforms, caps, jackets, scrub wear, menu covers, mouse pads, office supplies, home & personal care products, and lots, lots more!

Though your total income can reach many thousands monthly, this will depend on how much you promote this part of your business. Your basic commissions / discount varies from product line to product line. And from business service to business service. However when you combine all the different goods and services together, your odds increase way above a person who is selling only a small fraction of what you are selling. There are people making a good living just selling even 1 or 2 of the products or services you are offering. So imagine the edge you will have even if you are just starting out in this business!

A one-time cost is only $295.00 plus only $25.00 for shipping and handling! All member packages containing catalogs and general information are shipped priority mail within 48 hours! You can charge your membership on MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Or you can pay by check. However if you are paying by check, your package will be sent out after you check has cleared our bank.



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