"The most knowledgeable, responsive,& easy to use Fax Broadcasting Service out there is your company. We are raving fans! Thank You!"
... J.R., Ocean, N.J.

Discount Broadcast Fax Service
• 3 million business fax numbers
• Send 1,000's of faxes per hour
8 cents per delivered page within the USA*
Field merging Capabilities
Schedule Your Broadcasts Day or Night
Retry Fax Numbers up to 10 times at NO Extra Cost!
Detailed Fax Broadcasting Tracking and Reporting
Only pay for successful fax Transmissions
Live Customer Service and Phone & E-mail Support

* Faxes containing graphics may not qualify for 8 cent rate.
Immediately after every broadcast , you will receive a broadcast report.There are absolutely no set up fees, no monthly fees, no hidden fees and no taxes. The minimum per broadcast is $200.

There are several ways to contact us to set up an account.
By phone: 800 520 - 5514 (9: 30 to 5:00 pm. eastern standard time
by e-mail: sales@unlimitedresults.com
by fax: 732 229 3609
or by filling out the questioner form on our home page :

Are you looking for speed, Reliability, and convenience?

Fax Broadcasting Service simplifies the task of broadcast and makes it easier
to manage and deliver your critical business documents.

When you outsource broadcasts to us, you'll be able to take advantage of our secure IP global fax network. The network offers virtually unlimited system capacity and security which provides fast , reliable and cost - effective document delivery. You pay only for successful deliveries!

Our customers are able to fax high volume documents, reaching hundreds of thousands of clients , prospects, vendors, and other recipients.User's simply create and provide documents and distribution lists to our broadcast specialist team.

Start Reaching Your Potential Customers Today !

Below are a few ideas that maybe helpful in achieving your fax broadcast goals:
When creating your message , keep it simple. This means get to the point. Your fax has 3 seconds to make an impression. If it has several paragraphs and graphics, it will most likely be identified as an advertisement, not be read and end up in the trash.

Photos and graphics will not show up clearly and will take additional transmission time on the receiving fax machine. Faxing is not a medium to show off graphics .Faxing is a medium to communicate text.

The goal of marketing is to get sales inquiries! Salespeople close sales, good marketing opens sales opportunities.

Do not purchase a list from just anyone! Purchase a list from a qualified list broker. UnlimitedResults.com is a qualified list broker! However you are free to use any qualified list broker you feel happy with!

Follow all laws regarding fax broadcasting. Respect all remove requests!

One question to ask yourself is , "If I receive this fax, would I respond to this message or would I throw it away instantly?" Be honest with yourself!

Pay for fax broadcasting on a "per page" basis. This way you lock in a rate. Some companies charge a "per minute" rate. This does sound attractive if your fax takes 45 seconds to transmit your document. But in reality no one can control how fast other fax machines will transmit or receive your document. The only way to find out is to do an entire broadcast. Only then you may find out that you have to pay quite a bit more than 45 seconds worth per page.

Fonts: Use Ariel Font at no less than12 point size. Remember Fax is not a e-mail , website , or print ad ! There are restrictions that fax machines have. A fax cannot show color!

Give the recipients several ways to contact you. Toll free phone numbers are best. But also consider putting your website , email , and fax number on the document you are faxing.

800 520 -5514 OR E-MAIL:

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Broadcast faxing is subject to certain laws and regulations. Faxes without opt in approval may be illegal.
Check the laws in your jurisdiction.

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